Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kodungalloor Bharani

Ah.. finally i made it to this event.. I wanted to be there for this breath taking event for a long time and this year on March 28, 2009 i was fortunate enough to be there. Still i was late.. i reached there around 2 PM.. and missed the morning functions.. but my main aim was to witness and photograph the “Kavu Theendal”..
Some History ( I am not that good at history.. still..)
“Sree Kurumba Kavu”, the kodungalloor temple where the Goddess Bhadrakali is worshiped is one of the Main “Kali” temples in Kerala. Its in Thrissur District. This temple is noted for the absence of the “Kodi maram”, the flag post which is usual in almost all the temples in Kerala.
This Festival known as "Meena Bharanai Mahothsavam and Aswathi Kavutheendal” where people (common people..) coming from all over Kerala (From TamilNadu too..) especially from the Northern Districts like Palakkad and Kannur.
Legends say that “Kali”, the Goddess, after Killing “Darikan” in the Battle was wounded and and was very angry even after the battle. So her soldgiers kown as the “Bhoothaganam” sung songs and danced to make her feel better. In remembrance of of this people sings the songs known as “Theri Pattu” and dances (I dont know whether this is the correct word) with their swords known as “Palli val”.
The days function starts with the King , “Kodungalloor Valiya Thamburan” His Highness Goda Varma Raja” comes in the “Raja Pallak” carried by people called “Edamukk Mooppanmar”.
His Highness Valiya Thamburan Goda Varma Raja.
“Palaykkal Velan Devi Dasan”, who is believed to have treated Devi’s wounds comes and sits in the Western entrance in their traditional attire..
Palaykkal Velan Devi Dasan (above)
And in the after noon, His Highness and party comes out through the Eastern Entrance and sits in the “Nila Padu Thara”.
After this His Highness gives permission for People to enter the Kavu. The signal is given by raising the decorated umberlla known as “Chuvanna Pattu Kuda”.
And the Action begins………
Once the permission granted, the “Komarams” will run around the temple 3 times holding their swords and beating the temple roof with the bamboo sticks
No Age limit….
… and the color of the day is Red.. Blood too have red color…
There were some “Tagged” one too…..
and Some healing touch..
Once the “Kavu theendal” is over, The umbrella will be folded and His Highness will leave to the Palace.
Some more snaps in between..
This one was unique.. i mean the only one in Blue…. i was trying to have a glimpse of him for long time… and finally i got one…
Pack-up Time…
……. and finally… i think this is how life goes…
Another one ready to occupy the stage the moment its free…
A street circus group……


  1. wow.. Nice Photos

    and, if photos are in PhotoSharing Sites such as Flickr that will enable discussion on even individual photos like below,

  2. Thanks Muruga.. sure i will add them in flickr too..

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing these. I try my best to make it to Kodungallur whenever I visit Kerala to offer reverence to Bagavathy. I feel a special devotion to her. I am also really fascinated by the Vellichapadu. The Devi Kshetra near my fathers ancestral house used to have a vellichapadu as the pujari, but now they have a full time namboodiri. The new brahmin is a cery nice man, but I miss the old komaram, who was also very kind and friendly. I regret not asking him more about his world. I have always wanted to know more about these people who appear at Kodungallur Bharani, and also the women who attend the Mariyamma temple inside the courtyard.

  4. great........ nice work

  5. Very nice pictures. thanks for posting

  6. Nice, the one with the white long cap is the palakkal velan

  7. Thrissurkaran, Thank you very much for the detail..

  8. Dear Friend...
    Very nice photos and good, brilliant angles... I was also a part of "Kavu theendal" as a viewer for some years and when go through these pictures... just amazing...
    Here a small mistake...
    In your description -: " Palaykkal Velan Devi Dasan”, who is believed to have treated Devi’s wounds comes and sits in the Western entrance in their traditional attire.. “ is not PALAYKKAL VELAN DEVI DASAN. I think the photo is one of Komaram and he is preparing for kavu theendal.
    The real PALAYKKAL VELAN DEVI DASAN is the one who with WHITE LONG CAP WITH A RED STRIP... (4th photo from the bottom with the discription of -: " This one was also unique in his attire… i dont know who is he and whats his role… felt like some one special.. any one knows more details..?) Any way it’s very nice and keep it up... all the very best...
    Prajeesh C Kumar

  9. Prajeesh.. Thank you very much for correcting me.
    I was not sure and could not clarify it at the time of posting. Thats y i took a anticipatory bail. I will correct the description